FWaaS in Stein - NoMatches: No 'neutron.service_plugins' driver found, looking for 'firewall'

Teckelmann, Ralf, NMU-OIP ralf.teckelmann at bertelsmann.de
Thu Jul 11 07:28:26 UTC 2019

Good Morning everyone,

We like to have FWaaS enabled for a Stein-based OpenStack installation.

Using linuxbridges we are not able to use FWaaS_v2, because it only seems to work with ovs.

We thus tried FWaaS (v1) following https://docs.openstack.org/openstack-ansible-os_neutron/latest/configure-network-services.html#firewall-service-optional .

However, all we get from it is (1).

Are we missing a point or is FWaaS_V1 just not supported in Stein anymore?

If so, this would mean for a setup Stein+Linuxbridges no FWaaS is actually available, right?

grep firewall /var/log/neutron/neutron-server.log
2019-07-05 10:10:55.693 29793 ERROR neutron_lib.utils.runtime NoMatches: No 'neutron.service_plugins' driver found, looking for 'firewall'
2019-07-05 10:10:55.694 29793 ERROR neutron.manager [req-394624b6-e638-45ec-be7c-ce86793fdbc4 - - - - -] Plugin 'firewall' not found.
2019-07-05 10:11:00.046 29979 INFO neutron.manager [req-e86af4f4-afae-46d7-ac5e-51585a12083b - - - - -] Loading Plugin: firewall
2019-07-05 10:11:00.046 29979 ERROR neutron_lib.utils.runtime [req-e86af4f4-afae-46d7-ac5e-51585a12083b - - - - -] Error loading class by alias: NoMatches: No 'neutron.service_plugins' driver found, looking for 'firewall'

Best regards,

Ralf T.
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