[auto-scaling] Auto-scaling SIG update

Witek Bedyk wbedyk at suse.de
Wed Jul 10 10:26:27 UTC 2019

Hi Rico,

thanks for putting this together.

> *Open for bug?*
> One question I would like to bring to the team is should we open our 
> storyboard[4] for bug collection? We have some good hands from multiple 
> teams, who can help with bugs. And like feature requests, a top-level 
> story for a bug should be very helpful, but what we need from the 
> reporter in order to get better information about that bug, and also 
> what part should we help?
> IMO we can make sure bug are well documented, trace bug progress (from 
> top-level view), and help to raise attention(in ML and in events). Would 
> like to hear more opinions on this.

I think it's a good idea. Most bugs will refer to individual projects 
and code changes there. But StoryBoard has a nice ability to collect 
tasks for several projects in one story. Auto-scaling related bugs in 
individual projects could add an additional task in auto-scaling 
project. That way the internal project work will gain more general 
context and better visibility.


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