[ops] [nova] [placement] Mismatch between allocations and instances

Massimo Sgaravatto massimo.sgaravatto at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 06:45:02 UTC 2019

I tried to check the allocations on each compute node of a Ocata cloud,
using the command:

curl -s ${PLACEMENT_ENDPOINT}/resource_providers/${UUID}/allocations -H
"x-auth-token: $TOKEN"  | python -m json.tool

I found that, on a few compute nodes, there are some instances for which
there is not a corresponding allocation.

On another Rocky cloud, we had the opposite problem: there were allocations
also for some instances that didn't exist anymore.
And this caused problems since we were not able to use all the resources of
the relevant compute nodes: we had to manually remove the fwrong"
allocations to fix the problem ...

I wonder why/how this problem can happen ...

And how can we fix the issue ? Should we manually add the missing
allocations / manually remove the wrong ones ?

Thanks, Massimo
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