[placement] [tc] PTL not going to summit?

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Thu Jul 4 17:19:59 UTC 2019

On 2019-07-04 16:04:46 +0100 (+0100), Chris Dent wrote:
> I've decided [1] that I'm going to resist going to tech conferences
> and summits in particular by air travel, unless it becomes an
> existential issue. For a variety of reasons described in [1] and the
> two other posts it links to.
> I know for some people that this will present some concerns about my
> efficacy as PTL of placement

As Sean notes in his reply, you'd be far from the first PTL (or TC
member or other community leader for that matter) to not attend a
summit/forum/PTG. I've never heard anyone suggest this was a hard
requirement for OpenStack contributors, whether or not they're hold
leadership roles. There are plenty of good reasons not to attend, up
to and including simply not wanting to be there. I see no problem
with that whatsoever.

> Given my positions on the exclusive properties of conferences, I'd
> prefer that we turn update and onboarding activities into
> asynchronous, document-oriented affairs that anyone can utilize at
> any time, not just those wanting and able to go to summit.

The project updates have served as an opportunity to get video
content about projects distributed, since these are typically
recorded and post-processed by professional videographers. There
have been suggestions of doing the same for onboarding sessions, but
this has not happened in the past due to the additional cost
required. Producing your own recordings seems like a viable
alternative to me, and has also been suggested by a number of folks
in the past.
Jeremy Stanley
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