[Nova] Suggestion needed for detach-boot-volume design

Zhenyu Zheng zhengzhenyulixi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 08:57:28 UTC 2019

Hi Nova,

Happy New Year!

I've been working on detach-boot-volume[1] in Stein, we got the initial
design merged and while implementing we have meet some new problems and now
I'm amending the spec to cover these new problems[2].

The thing I want to discuss for wider opinion is that in the initial
design, we planned to support detach root volume for only STOPPED and
SHELVED/SHELVE_OFFLOADED instances. But then we found out that we allowed
to detach volumes for RESIZED/PAUSED/SOFT_DELETED instances as well. Should
we allow detaching root volume for instances in these status too? Cases
like RESIZE could be complicated for the revert resize action, and it also
seems unnecesary.




Kevin Zheng
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