[devstack][ceilometer][tacker]ceilometer devstack installation fails

Hiroyuki JO hiroyuki.jo.mt at hco.ntt.co.jp
Tue Dec 24 07:51:12 UTC 2019

Hi ceilometer team and all,
After a patch[1] was merged, Tacker zuul check fails because ceilometer 
devstack installation error[2]. Do you have any work aroud of this 

Addition, why devstack uses pip version 9.0.3 when installing python 
packages? The cause of our problem is installation error of 
conluent-kafka. But with latest pip (version 19), I was able to install 
the package.


徐 広幸 (Hiroyuki JO)
Email: hiroyuki.jo.mt at hco.ntt.co.jp / Tel(direct): +81-422-59-7394
NTT Network Systems Laboratories

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