[release] making releases fast again

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 15:16:50 UTC 2019

On 12/20/2019 4:04 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> - directly approve stable releases after a cursory semver check, not 
> waiting for stable-maint-core approval.

Rather than go this drastic, how about just not waiting for 
stable-maint-core (tonyb or myself) to review a stable branch release 
proposal but if you're going to decentralize stable core to be 
per-project rather than stable-maint-core, then do like the non-stable 
release request PTL/liaison thing and ack once one of the per-project 
stable maint cores signs off on the release or is the person requesting 
the stable branch release?

IOW, don't go from super high standard stable policy release review 
check to no check, but push the burden to per-project stable cores since 
they want the responsibility and this is part of the deal.




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