[largescale-sig] Meeting summary and next actions

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed Dec 18 13:41:45 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

The Large Scale SIG held a meeting earlier today. You can access the 
summary and logs of the meeting at:


This meeting was focused on immediate next steps on the two initial 
goals for the SIG.

For the "Scaling within one cluster, and instrumentation of the 
bottlenecks" goal, after the holidays we will collect user stories of 
what happens (or what breaks first) as you scale up single clusters. We 
will also produce a first RFC draft for an oslo.metric blueprint, and 
learn more about the "Golden signals" concept.

Standing TODOs:
- all prepare a short description of what happens (what breaks first) 
when scaling up a single cluster
- ttx to prepare etherpad and send ML thread asking for user scaling 
stories, to be posted after the end-of-year holidays
- masahito to produce first draft for the oslo.metric blueprint
- all learn more about golden signals concept as described in 

For the "Document large scale configuration and tips &tricks" goal we 
will start collecting relevant articles and blogposts. We agreed that in 
order to properly document large scale configuration defaults, we should 
probably both patch existing docs and create new documentation.

Standing TODOs:
- all add links to relevant articles around large scale openstack (if 
you find any) to the etherpad
- oneswig to follow up with Scientific community to find such articles
- amorin to start a thread on documenting configuration defaults for 
large scale, introduce the "mixture of both" tactic

The next meeting will happen on January 15, at 9:00 UTC on 


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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