[nova][metadata] EC2 compatible metadata deprecation

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at cern.ch
Tue Dec 17 18:52:56 UTC 2019

On 17 Dec 2019, at 19:14, Mikhail Fedosin <mfedosin at redhat.com<mailto:mfedosin at redhat.com>> wrote:

Thank you for the explanation!

Currently network_data.json doesn't contain ip addresses:
$ cat openstack/latest/network_data.json
{"services": [], "networks": [{"network_id": "39376584-af8a-4307-8cc3-dbf3474f0d52", "link": "tapde154f64-0c", "type": "ipv4_dhcp", "id": "network0"}], "links": [{"ethernet_mac_address": "fa:16:3e:9b:55:1d", "mtu": 1450, "type": "ovs", "id": "tapde154f64-0c", "vif_id": "de154f64-0cb3-4c71-b449-f3f67646eb2f"}]}
but they are available with ec2 metadata
$ cat ec2/latest/meta-data.json
{"reservation-id": "r-l1rethmm", "security-groups": ["c8xbg-master"], "public-ipv4": "", "ami-manifest-path": "FIXME", "instance-type": "m1.xlarge", "instance-id": "i-017ae668", "local-ipv4": "", "local-hostname": "mfedosin-c8xbg-bootstrap", "placement": {"availability-zone": "nova"}, "ami-launch-index": 0, "public-hostname": "mfedosin-c8xbg-bootstrap", "hostname": "mfedosin-c8xbg-bootstrap", "ami-id": "ami-00005ee4", "instance-action": "none", "block-device-mapping": {"ami": "vda", "root": "/dev/vda"}}

So far, in OpenStack metadata we don't have "security-groups", "public-ipv4",  "local-ipv4",  "instance-type", and I hope we can port them easily. I'm not sure about "instance-id" and "reservation-id", and how we can possibly use them in OpenStack, so I think we don't need them at all.

Well, my plan is to create a spec for Ussuri then :)

Can we also have the ipv6 info in the Nova spec too ?

On Tue, Dec 17, 2019 at 5:04 PM Matt Riedemann <mriedemos at gmail.com<mailto:mriedemos at gmail.com>> wrote:
On 12/17/2019 9:10 AM, Artom Lifshitz wrote:
>> Currently, we use EC2 metadata in our product to obtain public and private IP addresses, as well as the instance-type (flavor). Therefore, I would like to ask you a couple of questions.
>> 1. Do you plan to ensure compatibility before removing EC2 metadata from the system, i.e. to add these fields to the OpenStack metadata, which is not yet available?

I would think adding flavor info to meta_data.json should be trivial.
It's an API change so it requires a spec though [1].

As for the network addresses, those aren't in network_data.json? Are you
using neutron?

>> 2. When is it expected that EC2 metadata will be removed from the system?

I wouldn't expect it anytime soon. The documentation that mentions this
is a warning to not use something that is no longer maintained in nova
(anything related to ec2), like a deprecation warning of sorts.

If you have identified feature compatibility gaps to close in the
openstack metadata API, please open a spec for Ussuri detailing what you
need. Flavor should be pretty easy and the network addresses I would
expect are already available in network_data.json but if something is
missing there let's get it documented in the spec.

> Nova's in-tree ec2-api has already been removed [2] (though I can't
> find the commit that did it). That being said, the out-of-tree ec2-api
> project [3] is still around and kicking (just barely, looking at the
> commit history, but it's not inactive).

Mikhail isn't talking about the user-facing EC2 API shim, he's talking
about the metadata API code [2].

[1] https://specs.openstack.org/openstack/nova-specs/readme.html




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