[all][tripleo][openstack-ansible] Openstack Ansible modules - how to move the current modules?

Sagi Shnaidman sshnaidm at redhat.com
Mon Dec 16 16:46:41 UTC 2019

Hi, all

recently we had an Openstack Ansible modules meeting, when were discussing
how we will manage current modules and new planned modules. Because it was
a hot topic which took most of the time and no agreement was reached, I
think it's worth to discuss it here in ML.

Options that have been raised in the discussion[1]:
1) To freeze current modules and start writing new modules from scratch
2) To freeze current modules and based on them develop new modules
3) To continue to work on current modules and change them step by step
4) In case of freezing current modules, deprecate them later

Things to consider:
1) People are using current modules in playbooks and we don't want to break
them, so current modules interfaces should stay available and not change
for not breaking backward compatibility
2) We might redesign some of modules, including big changes in common
modules parts
3) We might redistribute current module functionality over other and new

I think it can be a start for the discussion on how to move further, please


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