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Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Sun Dec 15 17:05:13 UTC 2019

This is a long-overdue request. It's been more than a year since we
combined openstack, openstack-dev, openstack-ops, openstack-sigs,
openstack-tc and a number of other lower-traffic mailing lists into
this new openstack-discuss mailing list. In that time, I've been
serving as the sole administrator and moderator for the combined
list. As I'm about to take an extended vacation away from regular
Internet access for the first time since the list migration, I will
be unable to check the moderation queue on a daily basis, and so
would appreciate a bit of help from some of you.

If there's anyone interested in helping out as additional
administrators for the openstack-discuss mailing list, please reply
to this message on-list (so other subscribers know who is
volunteering) and I'll help bring you up to speed. In the immediate
term I need at least one person willing to check the moderation
queue a few times in the second half of December while I'm
unavailable (daily would be awesome but a couple times a week is
probably fine really). If you're expecting to be around and able to
help with that, please respond on Monday or Tuesday of this week and
I'll sync up to get you a copy of the Mailman administrator password
for it and a quick walk-through of the moderator interface (if you
already moderate other Mailman lists, all the better!).

Moderation queue volume is typically on the order of twenty to fifty
messages a day, most of which are spam of course, but one or two a
day on average are legitimate messages either from non-subscribers
with a question or sometimes slightly over the size limit because of
attached logs. The spam and non-spam are pretty easy to tell apart
if you've been around our community for a while: if the subject of
the message has a recognizable topic tag in it or mentions the name
of some OpenStack project then it's quite likely legitimate and can
be approved. Spam on the other had usually either has a subject
which is not in English (the required language for messages to this
list) or is clearly someone selling something or running a scam.
When in doubt though, you can quickly check the message body to be
sure. I tend to spend at most 5 minutes a day looking through the
moderation queue (and usually far less).

Longer term, I'd like to see anywhere between 3-5 admins for the
openstack-discuss list. No need to coordinate workload or vacations
that way, we can just each check the queue when we think about it
and that should be plenty often. Also while keeping on top of the
moderation queue is the primary need, it would be great for these
folks to know/learn a bit about how Mailman mailing lists are
configured and how to troubleshoot them from the WebUI and message
headers. Better still, if anyone wants to get even more involved,
the OpenDev sysadmins would always welcome new recruits willing to
help manage and run our mailing list servers and our infrastructure
overall, I'm happy to make introductions!
Jeremy Stanley
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