Upgrade: Juno -> Pike (or maybe later)

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Fri Dec 13 09:11:21 UTC 2019

Ken D'Ambrosio wrote:
> Hey -- I've run a number of OpenStack clouds from multiple vendors for 
> several years, now.  But I've *never* done an upgrade.  I've read some 
> of the docs, but they don't really make it clear (at least, the ones 
> I've thus-far found):
> * If going from Juno to something pretty recent is even feasible
> * If I have to do intermediate steps along the way
> * How likely it is to "just work:" complexity, common issues, etc.
> The fact that there's a clearly codified fallback procedure, while an 
> inherently good thing to have, does concern me some.
> Any insights would be much appreciated.

OVH did migrate all its regions from Juno to Newton, you should be able 
to find presentations on that from past summits videos.

Similarly, Verizon media / Oath did migrate from Juno to Ocata. James 
Penick did presentations and some blog articles about it.

But yes, as others said, that would certainly not be the first upgrade I 
ever attempted. Juno pre-dates most of the work on simplifying upgrades, 
so it's a painful starting point.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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