[openstacksdk][nova] distinguish image and boot from volume instances

Blom, Merlin, NMU-OI merlin.blom at bertelsmann.de
Fri Dec 13 07:48:30 UTC 2019


I wrote a function for distinguishing an image instance from an boot from
volume instance for billing purpose.

But it does not work this way, it seems as if BfV Instances also have the
Image property set.

Is there an elegant solution other than analyzing the volume attachment

This cloud be a problem, because an image instance cloud also have volumes.


def getBootFromVolInstances(serverId):

    '''Determines wether an instance is a boot frome volume instance'''

    server = conn.compute.find_server(serverId, ignore_missing=True)

    if server:

        if server.image:

            return False


            return True

    return False


Merlin Blom

Cloud System Engineer

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 <https://www.arvato-systems.de> arvato-systems.de


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