[octavia][stein issue

Michael Johnson johnsomor at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 17:04:02 UTC 2019

This warning is normal for compute nodes that are slow to boot an
instance. As it states, it is "Retrying".
I would wait a while and see if the compute service will finish
booting the instance. You can also watch it progress by using the
compute console.

If you are running this compute node inside virtualbox or on some
other nested virtualization (without vmx/smx support) scenario nova
can take up to 18-20 minutes to fully boot an instance.

If the instance does not finish booting and this times out, the load
balancer will go into an ERROR state. If that is the case, we will
have to debug nova and the image you are using.


On Tue, Dec 10, 2019 at 2:21 AM Ignazio Cassano
<ignaziocassano at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, I've just installed stein on centos 7 with octavia.
> I created the amphora image based on centos  , but when a load balance is created the amphora instance does note have any proces on port 9443 and the worker reports:
> 2019-12-10 08:40:14.456 3710 WARNING octavia.amphorae.drivers.haproxy.rest_api_driver [-] Could not connect to instance. Retrying.: ConnectTimeout: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=9443): Max retries exceeded with url: // (Caused by ConnectTimeoutError(<urllib3.connection.VerifiedHTTPSConnection object at 0x7f4a04de0d10>, 'Connection to timed out. (connect timeout=10.0)'))
> Network connectivity and security groups are ok.
> I connected on the instance via ssh and I cannot see any listening 9443 port.
> Anyone can help me, please ?
> Ignazio

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