openstack volume snapshots and deleting

Ratliff, John jdratlif at
Thu Dec 5 15:24:35 UTC 2019

If I create a volume, snapshot it, and create a new volume from that
snapshot, I cannot seem to delete the snapshot until the volume is deleted.
Is this intentional, or am I doing something wrong? Is the new volume based
on the snapshot, and that's why I can't delete it? We're using CEPH as a
storage backend if that makes a difference.


openstack volume snapshot create -volume base-volume base-ss

openstack volume create -snapshot base-ss new-volume

openstack volume snapshot delete base-ss


The last command is the one that fails. It gives no error message. It just
doesn't actually delete  the snapshot. But If I do this:


openstack volume delete new-volume

openstack volume snapshot delete base-ss


Then it works.


I also  tried creating a snapshot, creating a volume from the snapshot, then
creating a volume from that volume, but I still cannot delete the snapshot
until both volumes are deleted.


I do not want everlasting snapshots, so I hope I'm doing something wrong
that someone can point out. Thanks.




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