[TC] Right-sizing the Technical Committee (was: 'V' Technical Elections)

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Wed Dec 4 23:50:45 UTC 2019

Tangential to election scheduling but still on the topic of election
planning, last cycle a bunch of folks jumped on the "let's shrink
the TC!" bandwagon *while* the election process was already
underway. That was of course not an appropriate time to talk about
changes to election parameters. But now(ish) *is* the right time.

So to reopen that discussion we previously put a pin in, how many TC
seats should we fill in the coming election, and how many should we
delete? There were a few different suggestions, some following a
less aggressive timeline than others. We would normally have 7 seats
up for grabs in the coming round... do we reduce it to 6 (and work
with an even-number-sized TC), or just 5 (targeting a TC of 11 for
Ussuri into "V")? Or something even more drastic like just letting
them all expire and filling none, immediately down-sizing to a TC of
6 members? Thoughts?
Jeremy Stanley
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