[horizon] [plugins] Supported Django version for horizon in Ussuri

vishal manchanda manchandavishal143 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 16:13:04 UTC 2019

Hello Everyone,

As discussed at this weekly meeting[1] and Shanghai PTG[2], Horizon team is
going to bump default version of Django to the next LTS release which is
Django 2.2 support is already added in Horizon and all its plugins [3].
Thanks to all for taking this at the priority and quick approvals on the

After Switching the default version of Django to 2.2(latest LTS), We will
Django 1.11 in the next step(as its extended supports ending soon [4]).
Also, Horizon usually supports LTS version of Django[5].

Please find below plan for coming weeks:
Step 1: Switch the default version to Django 2.2 in upper-constraints till
Additionally, Due to these changes, there might be a possibility of
potential risks.
Horizon and horizon plugins already support Django 2.2 as unit tests,
but they are not tested in the real deployments with Django 2.2.
So After switching the default version, if anything breaks we will keep
working on fixing those issues.
Step 2: Drop Django 1.11 during milestone-2.

In case of any issue, please feel free to reach-out to Horizon channel

[2] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/horizon-u-ptg#45
[4] https://www.djangoproject.com/weblog/2015/jun/25/roadmap/
[6] https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/2.2/releases/2.2/

Vishal Manchanda
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