[cinder][ops][extended-maintenance-sig][public-cloud-sig][enterprise-wg] Cinder to EOL some branches

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 15:40:43 UTC 2019

The tl;dr is that we won't EOL anything until Monday 9 December at the 
earliest; see below for details.

On 12/3/19 10:00 AM, Elõd Illés wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> Thanks in advance for proposing in Cinder meeting to wait to EOL Pike
> and Ocata.
> So far I have been looking after stable/* branches.

There seemed to be consensus at today's meeting that we could keep 
stable/ocata and stable/pike in EM mode, which would be consistent with 
other openstack projects.

> I had a quick check and it seems that the CI on driverfixes/* branches
> are not in a good shape for some time. Those branches:
> - don't have periodic jobs, so we can't see how long they are in this
> faulty state
> - the test jobs are very limited
> - as I see there aren't really arriving patches lately (actually one
> arrived in newton ~2 months ago)
> I can try to search for solutions there to fix the gate, but maybe the
> activity there is less than ocata and pike and if there aren't others
> who are interested in driverfixes/* branches then maybe those reached
> the state to move them to EOL.

I agree with your analysis of the state of the driverfixes branches. 
Would you be interested in getting driverfixes/newton in working order, 
or are you only interested in us keeping stable/o and /p open?

To be clear, the current idea is:
- EOL driverfixes/mitaka and driverfixes/newton
- leave stable/ocata and stable/pike in EM mode

> Thanks again,
> Előd
> On 2019. 12. 02. 16:25, Brian Rosmaita wrote:
>> On 11/27/19 12:02 PM, Elõd Illés wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> First of all, sorry for the late response.
>>> About EOLing Ocata and Pike: Extended Maintenance was formed just to
>>> have a common place for interested parties, vendors, operators, to push
>>> bugfixes to. Currently these branches are in a good shape, check / gate
>>> jobs work and as far as I see there are a couple of backports, too (not
>>> too many, though). So hopefully it's not a waste of efforts. Why don't
>>> we keep them open as long as the CI works and there are patches? Of
>>> course, whenever e.g. Ocata branch / CI becomes unmaintainable (zuul v3
>>> incompatibilities) or there aren't anyone who fixes the issues there, we
>>> can put it to EOL then.
>> Quick question: the driverfixes/mitaka and driverfixes/newton gates
>> are broken now.  Do you have any interest in getting these working, or
>> are you only interested in stable/ocata and stable/pike?
>>> I write this, because my employer supports Extended Maintenance, and I
>>> usually try to fix CI issues on stable branches and reviewing patches
>>> there.
>> Thanks for following this strategy, it's good for the community, and
>> we appreciate it.
>>> So maybe I can be some help here, too. Please consider leaving
>>> branches in Extended Maintenance open as long as they are in a good
>>> shape and there are bugfixes coming.
>> This is good feedback.  As I said in the original email, we don't mind
>> keeping these open as long as people are actually using them.  I'll
>> put a proposal on this week's Cinder meeting agenda to wait to EOL
>> ocata and pike until their gates break and no one steps up to fix
>> them, instead of proactively EOL'ing them now.
>> Do let me know your position on the driverfixes branches right away,
>> though.
>> thanks,
>> brian
>>> Thanks,
>>> Előd
>>> On 2019. 11. 25. 20:21, Brian Rosmaita wrote:
>>>> This is a courtesy notice that having received no responses to my
>>>> email of 28 October [0] proposing to EOL some currently open Cinder
>>>> branches, and following the policy articulated in [1], at today's
>>>> Virtual PTG meeting the Cinder project team has decided to put the
>>>> following stable branches into the End of Life state:
>>>>     driverfixes/mitaka
>>>>     driverfixes/newton
>>>>     stable/ocata
>>>>     stable/pike
>>>> I will submit the paperwork to get this process moving one week from
>>>> today (2 December 2019).
>>>> cheers,
>>>> brian
>>>> [0]
>>>> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-October/010385.html
>>>> [1]
>>>> https://docs.openstack.org/project-team-guide/stable-branches.html#end-of-life

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