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Anmar Salih anmar.salih1 at
Wed Dec 4 00:20:27 UTC 2019


I have four containers in Openstack Swift. One of the containers called
"Cont1", and I am using the web browser to upload and download objects
to/from Cont1. I need to add a script that runs each time someone downloads
an object from the container Cont1. Let's say I want Swift to execute a
small script every time someone clicks on the Download button. Wondering if
that possible? Where I should add the code. I cloned Swift Stein git on my
local machine but not sure where to add my script.

Take a look at the attached image, to the very right there is a download
button for object1. So when someone clicks on that button, I want to
execute a small script, then after executing the script, Swift will start
to download object1.

Note: I need to add functionality to Swift, so when someone requests an
object download, swift will take an action based on the container name.

Best Regards.

Anmar Salih
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