[Usage][Designate] Salve Bind servers

Graham Hayes gr at ham.ie
Sun Dec 1 21:21:05 UTC 2019

On 27/11/2019 12:59, Steven Relf wrote:
> Hi list....
> I'm looking at making use of Designate, and have so far managed to get
> designate configured and working against a single bind9 server.
> The issue I'm having, and this could be due to not understanding bind
> config well, is how do I configure other bind servers to be slaves of
> the server used by designate. I keep running into an issue where the
> slave doesn’t want to do a transfer and errors with "received notify for
> zone 'domain': not authoritative"
> I'm assuming this has something to do with the slave not knowing about
> the zone.
> So the question, do I have to have all my bind servers hooked upto
> designate, and managed with a mdns service, or am I missing something
> obvious.

Yes, when using Designate and Bind, Designate (or in this case the
designate-mdns server) is the "master" DNS server. As the bind nodes
are configured to pull the data from Designate, they will not allow
other servers to pull from them.

To add this, you need to add extra "targets" in your pools.yaml file
for the pool you are  adding the servers to see [1] for an example.



1 -

> Rgds
> Steve.
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