[placement][nova][ptg] Resource provider - request group mapping

Chris Dent cdent+os at anticdent.org
Tue Apr 9 17:46:23 UTC 2019

This is about this spec [1] "Resource provider - request group
mapping in allocation candidate" which didn't get approved in Stein
and will need to find its appropriate home (in placement) at some
point. This topic is from the cross project etherpad [2].

The questions associated with this are of two forms:

* How should the data be presented in the allocation candidates

* How best to capture the pending discussion on a nova spec as is
   moved to becoming a placement spec.

There's quite a lot of useful information on the spec, including
multiple alternatives and reasons why those alternatives are good or
not good.

This is one those API changes where we need to be careful to be
general and within the existing grammar of placement and not simply
evolving reactively to increased complexity in Nova. Obviously
Placement needs to be evolve in response to Nova, but carefully.

What might be useful is for people who feel some ownership for the
various proposed structures to discuss their merits, here. Or go the
other way: If there are some structures you dislike, why?

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/597601/
[2] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ptg-train-xproj-nova-placement

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