[openstack-dev] [manila] Stein PTG summary

Tom Barron tpb at dyncloud.net
Fri Sep 21 14:37:05 UTC 2018

We've summarized the manila PTG sessions in this etherpad [1] and I've 
included its contents below.

Please feel free to supplement/correct as appropriate, or to follow up 
on this mailing list.

-- Tom Barron (tbarron)

We'll use this etherpad to distill AIs, focus areas, etc. from the Stein PTG

Source: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/manila-ptg-planning-denver-2018

	*  https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/manila-rocky-retrospective
	* Is Dustin willing to be our official bug czar [dustins] Yes! ++
	* Should plan regional bug smash days and participate in and publish regional OpenStack/open source events
		* Need someone to lead? (See AI for tbarron)
	* Need more/earlier review attention for approved specs - PTL needs to keep attention on review priorities
	* Use our wiki rather than misc. etherpads to track work, review focus, liaisons, etc.
		* Add "Bug Czar", bug deputies info on the wiki

Survey Results: 

Work planned for Stein:
	* governance goals
		* convert gate jobs to python3
			* Assignee: vkmc
			* need to track progress, including 3rd party jobs, on the wiki
		* upgrade health checker (governance goal)
			* Assignee: ?
	* Rocky backlog
		* continue priority for access rules
			* Assignee: zhongjun
			* need to track driver side work on the wiki
		* open to continuing json schema request validation
			* Assignee: no one appears to be working it currently though
			* gouthamr will reach out to original authors and report status during the next week's weekly meeting
	* Manila CSI
		* Assignee: gouthamr, vkmc, tbarron
		* hodgepodge is setting up biweekly meeting to drive convergence of disparate efforts
		* https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/sig-k8s-2018-denver-ptg
	* Active-active share service
		* Assignee: gouthamr
		* we were going to wait for cinder action because of downstream tooz back end dependencies
		* but later Cinder decided to move ahead aggressively on this since it's needed for Edge distributed control plane topology so we may start work in manila on this in this cycle too
	* openstack client integration
		* Assignee: gouthamr will drive, distribute work
		* We might be able to get an Outreachy intern to help with this +++
	* openstack sdk integration
		* Assignee: amito will drive, distribute work
		* We might be able to get an Outreachy intern to help with this +++
	* telemetry extension
		* Assignee: vkmc
		* share usage meter, doc, testing
	* manage/unmanage for DHSS=True
		* Assignee: ganso
	* create share from snapshot in another pool/backend
		* Asignee: ganso
	* replication for DHSS=True
		* Assignee: ganso
	* OVS -> OVN
		* Asignee: tbarron/gouthamr
		* 3rd party backends may only work with OVS?
	* Manila UI Plugin
		* Assignee: vkmc
		* Features mapping: how outdated are we?
		* Selenium test enablement [dustins: I can help/do this] ++
	* uWSGI enablement
		* Assignee: vkmc
		* By default in devstack?

	* Hold off on storyboard migration till attachments issue is resolved
	* Don't need placement service but (like cinder) can use Jay Pipes DB generation synchronization technique to avoid scheduler races
		* Can publish info to placement if / when that is useful for nova
	* Use "low-hanging-fruit" as a bug tag on trivial bugs
	* Pro-active backport policy for non-vendor fixes (Also see AIs for gouthamr/ganso)
		* Vendor fixes need a +1 or +2 from a vendor reviewer if they are active

Action Items:
	* tbarron: follow up on user survey question, how to refresh it, talk with manila community
	* tbarron: refurbish the manila wiki as central landing spot for review focus, roles (liaisons, bug czar, etc. rather than us maintaining miscellaneous etherpads that get lost.
	* tbarron: get agreement on mid-cycle meetup (maybe virtual) and America's bug smash +1
	* ganso: post proposed stable branch policy for review & talk with gouthamr about it
	* gouthamr: post proposed revised review policy for review
	* gouthamr: drive question of graduation of Experimental features via weekly manila meeting/dev mail list
	* dustins: Send email to the Manila list to have people sign up for being "Bug Deputies"

python3 AIs:
	* gouthamr : upgrade first party ubuntu jobs to 18.04
	* vkmc: transition CentOS jobs to Fedora28
	* ?: lvm job to Fedora28 or ubuntu 18.04 (if ipv6 export issue is fixed)
	* ?: track third party jobs
	* pramchan - talk to Mark Shuttleworth to get someone assigned to help
	* migrate the service image

Testing AIs
	* gouthamr: write test for protocol selection in scheduler
	* ganso: review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/586456 & work with bug czar to get an assignee if needed
	* tbarron: add standing meeting topic on scenario test reviews
	* tbarron: develop 3rd party CI/support status report card
	* ganso: start list of test gaps
	* gouthamr/vkmc: review test organization vis a vis cert needs
	* tbarron: get discussion/review of https://review.openstack.org/#/c/510542/ - Limiting the number of shares per share server
	* gouthamr: talk to tempest folks to get a solution for managing share as a tenant
	* vkmc: work with e0ne from horizon on tempest integration test with the manila-ui plugin
	* vkmc/dustins: work with horizon on selenium test framework and add manila integration tests when it is stable

Issues from Cinder to Reflect in Manila:
	* Relationship between Share Types and Availability Zones (AZs)
	* Mid-Cycle Meetups? Physical or Virtual?

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