[openstack-dev] [glance] replace locations on queued image

iain macdonnell openstack-dev at dseven.org
Thu Sep 20 20:14:47 UTC 2018

I feel like I've been chasing this issue around in circles for months,
and I need the core team to make a decision. I cannot proceed with
Rocky deployment/upgrade until this gets resolved.

It's currently possible to add to, or completely replace, the
"locations" for an image with status "queued", using HTTP PATCH. Prior
to the following fix, the "add" operation would update the status to
"active", but the "replace" operation would leave it in "queued"
status, with no way to get it out of that status (other than delete).
I thought that we agreed that that was a bug, which I submitted a fix


I don't see any API breakage from this fix. The previous state left
the image in permanently unusable state. I can't see any valid
use-case for that.

Now (this morning's meeting) it seems like we're back to debating
whether or not it's valid to "replace" "locations" for an image in
"queued" status. My interpretation of "replace" is "I want it to look
exactly like this, regardless of what's there now", as opposed to
"add", which means "append this to whatever is currently there".

If it's not valid to "replace" "locations" for an image in "queued"
status, I think that the API should reject the request, not leave the
image in limbo ('queued') status. I'm OK with that - I can use "add" -
but I'll need to update this:


to apply only to "add".

glance core team, please make the decision.


    ~iain (slightly frustrated)

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