[openstack-dev] [placement] [infra] [qa] tuning some zuul jobs from "it works" to "proper"

Chris Dent cdent+os at anticdent.org
Wed Sep 19 13:25:23 UTC 2018

I have a patch in progress to add some simple integration tests to


They use https://github.com/cdent/gabbi-tempest . The idea is that
the method for adding more tests is to simply add more yaml in
gate/gabbits, without needing to worry about adding to or think
about tempest.

What I have at that patch works; there are two yaml files, one of
which goes through the process of confirming the existence of a
resource provider and inventory, booting a server, seeing a change
in allocations, resizing the server, seeing a change in allocations.

But this is kludgy in a variety of ways and I'm hoping to get some
help or pointers to the right way. I'm posting here instead of
asking in IRC as I assume other people confront these same
confusions. The issues:

* The associated playbooks are cargo-culted from stuff labelled
   "legacy" that I was able to find in nova's jobs. I get the
   impression that these are more verbose and duplicative than they
   need to be and are not aligned with modern zuul v3 coolness.

* It takes an age for the underlying devstack to build, I can
   presumably save some time by installing fewer services, and making
   it obvious how to add more when more are required. What's the
   canonical way to do this? Mess with {enable,disable}_service, cook
   the ENABLED_SERVICES var, do something with required_projects?

* This patch, and the one that follows it [1] dynamically install
   stuff from pypi in the post test hooks, simply because that was
   the quick and dirty way to get those libs in the environment.
   What's the clean and proper way? gabbi-tempest itself needs to be
   in the tempest virtualenv.

* The post.yaml playbook which gathers up logs seems like a common
   thing, so I would hope could be DRYed up a bit. What's the best
   way to that?

Thanks very much for any input.

[1] perf logging of a loaded placement: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/602484/

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