[openstack-dev] [cinder][infra] Remove driverfixes/ocata branch

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Mon Sep 17 15:00:56 UTC 2018

Hello Cinder and Infra teams. Cinder needs some help from infra or some
pointers on how to proceed.

tl;dr - The openstack/cinder repo had a driverfixes/ocata branch created for
fixes that no longer met the more restrictive phase II stable policy criteria.
Extended maintenance has changed that and we want to delete driverfixes/ocata
to make sure patches are going to the right place.

Before the extended maintenance changes, the Cinder team found a lot of vendors
were maintaining their own forks to keep backported driver fixes that we were
not allowing upstream due to the stable policy being more restrictive for older
(or deleted) branches. We created the driverfixes/* branches as a central place
for these to go so distros would have one place to grab these fixes, if they
chose to do so.

This has worked great IMO, and we do occasionally still have things that need
to go to driverfixes/mitaka and driverfixes/newton. We had also pushed a lot of
fixes to driverfixes/ocata, but with the changes to stable policy with extended
maintenance, that is no longer needed.

Extended Maintenance Changes
With things being somewhat relaxed with the extended maintenance changes, we
are now able to backport bug fixes to stable/ocata that we couldn't before and
we don't have to worry as much about that branch being deleted.

I had gone through and identified all patches backported to driverfixes/ocata
but not stable/ocata and cherry-picked them over to get the two branches in
sync. The stable/ocata should now be identical or ahead of driverfixes/ocata
and we want to make sure nothing more gets accidentally merged to
driverfixes/ocata instead of the official stable branch.

We would now like to have the driverfixes/ocata branch deleted so there is no
confusion about where backports should go and we don't accidentally get these
out of sync again.

Infra team, please delete this branch or let me know if there is a process
somewhere I should follow to have this removed.

Sean (smcginnis)

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