[openstack-dev] [election][tc]Question for candidates about global reachout

Jean-philippe Evrard jean-philippe at evrard.me
Sun Sep 16 12:14:41 UTC 2018

> [...]
> I respect that tool choices can make a difference in enabling or
> improving our outreach to specific cultures.
I agree there.
> I'll commit to
> personally rejecting presence on proprietary social media services
> so as to demonstrate that public work can be done within our
> community while relying exclusively on free/libre open source
> software.
It is nice to be in a position to do so. Please don't change! : )
> I recognize the existence of the free software movement as
> a distinct culture with whom we could do a better job of connecting.
> If as a community we promote and embrace non-free tools we will only
> continue to alienate them, [...]
I agree again with Jeremy here.

As this was a direct question for the candidates, here is my answer...

There is two layers in this conversation: a personal level, and an 
official stance on the subject (as discussed in the TC room).

At a personal level,I guess I wouldn't mind myself joining to Wechat, 
with the hope of being helpful there.
As I don't speak this language particularily, I am not sure how I can be 
more of help there than I can be with speaking an ambassador in a 
mutually common language (I am also not native english). At the same 
time, I would be very sad to not use an open tool, because I am not sure 
what the privacy implications would be. But, pragmatically, I understand 
the biggest picture here: We want to be more reachable, as increasing 
community size over time is a must for sustainable software, and if I 
can be a little help personally, I'd do it.

Before giving my opinion for an official stance as a TC candidate (the 
other layer), I'd like to ask you a few questions ...

- What is the problem joining Wechat will solve (keeping in mind the 
language barrier)?
- Isn't this problem already solved for other languages with existing 
initiatives like local ambassadors and i18n team? Why aren't these relevant?
- Should we widen this 'Wechat' initiative to all <insert more popular 
system based on location> systems?
- Pardon my ignorance here, what is the problem with email? (I 
understand some chat systems might be blocked, I thought emails would be 
fine, and the lowest common denominator).

I also have technical questions about 'wechat' (like how do you use it 
without a smartphone?) and the relevance of tools we currently use, but 
this will open Pandora's box, and I'd rather not spend my energy on 
closing that box right now :D

Best regards,
Jean-Philippe Evrard (evrardjp)

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