[openstack-dev] [I18n] Stein translation plans and prio

Frank Kloeker eumel at arcor.de
Sun Sep 16 09:01:26 UTC 2018


the PTG is just over and now we are at the beginning of the work for 
Stein cycle. First of all let me thank all supporters for the I18n team 
and all individuals who help to present OpenStack in different 
languages. We have made so much progress since the formation of the 

What are the workflows now for the Stein cycle:
1. Project documentation translation
We have now the right Zuul jobs in the flow to pull and push 
documentation from project repos to Zanata and back. At the moment there 
are 3 early-bird projects on the list: Horizon, OpenStack Ansible, and 
OpenStack Helm. Expanding this list will be the main work in the cycle.
2. Whitepaper translation
Early this year we started with translation of Edge Computing 
Whitepaper. After solving issues with publishing translated content we 
have here now also a flow from the origin document through translation 
platform and back. Container whitepaper is the second project in this 
3. Stein Dashboard translation
All translation strings from stable/rocky branch are merged back to 
master and we work ahead on the master branch. There are 22 projects on 
that list.

All plans and prios are linked on the frontpage of translation platform 
Keep the stones rolling on the Stein cycle.

kind regards
Frank (PTL I18n)

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