[openstack-dev] [tempest][CI][nova compute] Skipping non-compute-driver tests

William M Edmonds edmondsw at us.ibm.com
Fri Sep 7 15:25:14 UTC 2018

Ghanshyam Mann <gmann at ghanshyammann.com> wrote on 09/07/2018 02:18:13 AM:


> neutron-tempest-plugin or other service test you can always avoid to
> run with regex. And i do not think compute negative or DB test will
> take much time to run. But still if you want to avoid to run then, I
> think it is easy to maintain a whitelist regex file on CI side which
> can run only compute driver tests(61 in this case).
> Tagging compute driver on tempest side is little hard to maintain i
> feel and it can goes out of date very easily. If you have any other
> idea on that, we can surly talk in PTG on this.

The concern that I have with whitelisting in a given CI is that it has to
be done independently in every compute driver CI. So while I agree that it
won't be easy to maintain tagging for compute driver on the tempest side,
at least that's one place / easier than doing it in every driver CI. When
anyone figures out that an change is needed, all of the CIs would benefit
together if there is a shared solution.
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