[openstack-dev] [nova] [placement] modified devstack using openstack/placement

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 14:27:45 UTC 2018

On 9/6/2018 5:05 AM, Chris Dent wrote:
> One question I have on the lib/placement changes in devstack: Is it
> useful to make those changes be guarded by a conditional of the
> form:
>     if placement came from its own repo:
>         do the new stuff
>     else:
>         do the old stuff
> ?

I think it would be mostly confusing if this is 
conditional/configurable. For example, if the nova-next job was changed 
to use placement from the placement repo, but the integrated gate jobs 
(tempest-full) were still all using placement from nova. I think we need 
to get to the point where we're ready to flip that switch to CI against 
the placement repo and then deal with the fallout.




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