[openstack-dev] [puppet] Puppet weekly recap - week 35-36

Tobias Urdin tobias.urdin at binero.se
Fri Sep 7 12:40:56 UTC 2018

Hello fellow Puppeteers!

Welcome to the weekly Puppet recap for week 35 and 36.
Because I was away last week I forgot to follow up the progress of week 35.

The past two weeks has been quite calm, we have had a lot of changes due 
to the move
away from Zuul config in project-config and the bump of the version for 
all modules on the
master branch to prepare for the Stein cycle.


===== puppet-barbican =====
* 34e6f3a Add barbican::worker class
The Barbican module now supports installation and management of the
barbican-worker service.

===== puppet-cinder =====
* 3c634d2 Deprecate parameters that have been removed from cinder
Config options for Cinder that was removed in Queens has been deprecated
in the Puppet interface.

===== puppet-ironic =====
* f37d8f6 Add tests for oslo_messaging_notifications
Added missing spec tests for the recent oslo messaging addition

* 27bf3a0 Expose the notification_level paramenter
Added the [DEFAULT]/notification_level configuration option

===== puppet-neutron =====
* 33f8cdc Notify about deprecated neutron::services::lbaas
Neutron LBaaS is deprecated so a warning has been added

* c70e4fa Add ensure_lbaas_package to neutron::server
Added the ability to install the LBaaS plugin from the neutron::server class

===== puppet-nova =====
393694a Add a release note for sync_power_state_interval parameter
b4f3d6a compute: add sync_power_state_interval parameter

Added the sync_power_state_interval configuration option for nova.

===== puppet-octavia =====
2b83ae2 Add octavia::certificates::client_ca and data
45673ee Added missing DB params to init class
e1531c3 Add Octavia API WSGI support
d2a9586 Add octavia::neutron to configure nova section
6731e53 Add octavia::glance to configure glance section
9b285e7 Add missing options to octavia::certificates
6864cd0 Add octavia::nova to configure nova section
7d6bada Add workers support to octavia::worker class
6e7dacc Add api_v1_enabled and api_v2_enabled options
14c5257 Add allow_tls_terminated_listeners config option

The Octavia module have had a lot of changes to make sure it's fit
to be used. It now includes all the required classes and configuration
options to use it. You can run the API in WSGI, enable/disable the v1
and v2 API, set if TLS listeners is allowed and separate the client and
server CA certificates.

===== puppet-openstack-integration =====
* 1edb135 Remove tripleo-puppet-ci-centos-7-undercloud-oooq job
Removed TripleO testing for non-containerized undercloud.

* 9cb0e06 Higher timeout and two tries for update packages
In the repos.pp file the upgrade packages call times out so we tried
increasing the timeout and set tries to two (2) but it did not solve the 

* 15dd562 Add barbican::worker to integration testing
The newly added barbican::worker class is tested in the integration testing.

===== puppet-vswitch =====
* b6dab2e Fix the undefined method 'chomp' for nil:NilClass error seen 
with ovs 2.10
Fixed a bug where the output to stdout contained error messages the 
provider would
fail to parse the values, it now ignores nil values.

No new specs.

Only one open spec:

*  Add parameter data types spec


There is some current issues with the CI, if anybody feels they have 
time we all would appreciate
that you help us resolve it.

* The update-packages call in repos.pp for 
openstack/puppet-openstack-integration times out on
CentOS 7 (calling yum upgrade). This makes integration testing for 
puppet-openstacklib fail.

* The stable/ocata and stable/pike branches has issues and are failing, 
this block most of the
Zuul config retire from project-config patches that Doug has proposed, 
we need to resolve this by
unblocking (fixing) the CI. This is probably backporting previous fixes 
to CI.

I have been very busy with finalizing a project so I've not been able to 
look at this. I will have a look
this weekend or hopefully next week but would appreciate any help.

After CI is fixed we can merge all these:

* Update Gemfile for stable/rocky (openstack/puppet-openstacklib)

* make openstackclient package name configurable 

* All the python3-first topic changes
(named "import zuul job settings from project-config" and "switch 
documentation job to new PTI")


* Make ironic password a secret

* Remove usage of deprecated RamFilter

* Add cinder::nova class to configure nova section

* Cinder-type param is_public/access_project_ids

* Remove ironic inspector dnsmasq bind-interfaces setting

* Add octavia testing

* Change beaker testing to use p-o-i manifest (depends on: Add octavia 

* make openstackclient package name configurable --- WAITING FOR CI FIX


* If somebody want to push this feel free, we need packages to include 
the new wsgi.py
file that Horizon is changing to and then get this changed in 
Django WSGI entrypoint change

As always, if you need help, have questions or need reviews don't 
hesitate to head over to #puppet-openstack and ping us.
Wishing you all a great weekend!

Best regards

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