[openstack-dev] [blazar] about reservation

Masahito MUROI muroi.masahito at lab.ntt.co.jp
Fri Sep 7 05:01:10 UTC 2018

Hello Jaze,

In general, Blazar ensures its instance scheduling by a combination of 
its flavor or scheduler hint and Nova scheduler filter.

In case of the instance reservation, a instance with the flavor is 
scheduled to a reserved slot on a specific hypervisor. Please see the 
spec page for the details.


best regards,

On 2018/09/06 16:52, Jaze Lee wrote:
> Hello,
>     I view the source code and do not find the check logic for
> reservation a instance. It just create a lease, and nova just create a
> flavor.
> How do we ensure the resource is really reserved for us?
> We put the host into a new aggregate? and nobody except blazar will use
> the host?

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