[openstack-dev] [Storyboard][Searchlight] Commits of searchlight-specs are not attached to the story

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Thu Sep 6 17:04:34 UTC 2018

On 2018-09-06 16:39:13 +0900 (+0900), Trinh Nguyen wrote:
> Looks like the commits for searchlight-specs are not attached to
> the story on Storyboard. Example:
> Commit: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/600316/
> Story: https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2003677
> Is there anything that I need to do to link those 2 together?

In change 600316 you included a "Task: #2619" footer, when the
actual task you seem to have wanted to reference was 26199 (task
2619 is associated with unrelated story 2000403).
Jeremy Stanley
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