[openstack-dev] Run for a seat on the TC (I am, and you can too!)

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Tue Sep 4 23:05:12 UTC 2018

I'm standing for reelection to a third term on the OpenStack
Technical Committee. Rather than the usual platform where I drone on
and on about myself, I'm going to take this opportunity to run a
public service announcement instead.

Going into my second term I stated, "my personal vision for
OpenStack is that of a vibrant and diverse community" and I think
we've made progress on that front but still have a long way to go.
The diversity (personal, professional and cultural) of our community
has increased steadily, but we won't be able to sustain it if
similar diversity among elected leaders continues to lag behind. Our
leaders are frequently the faces of our community to those outside
it, and should set an example for others to follow. OpenStack is
built on a promise of representative leadership, and so we need
people from under-represented segments of our community to stand and
take up the challenge. There's just over 48 hours left to send in
your self-nomination for a seat on the TC. If you can't meet the
time commitments but know someone who can, encourage them to run.

And, of course, when the time comes, vote. Vote for the candidates
who best represent you, your beliefs, your ideals. Vote for those
who share your vision for who, how and what OpenStack should be. If
you've been paying attention these past years, you already know my
opinions. I'd rather hear some new opinions from you.
Jeremy Stanley
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