[openstack-dev] [nova] [placement] extraction (technical) update

Eric Fried openstack at fried.cc
Tue Sep 4 21:16:31 UTC 2018

> 030 is okay as long as nothing goes wrong. If something does it
> raises exceptions which would currently fail as the exceptions are
> not there. See below for more about exceptions.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding what these migration thingies are supposed to
be doing, but 030 [1] seems like it's totally not applicable to
placement and should be removed. The placement database doesn't (and
shouldn't) have 'flavors', 'cell_mappings', or 'host_mappings' tables in
the first place.

What am I missing?

> * Presumably we can trim the placement DB migrations to just stuff
>   that is relevant to placement 

Yah, I would hope so. What possible reason could there be to do otherwise?



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