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mathieu bultel mbultel at redhat.com
Tue Sep 4 10:20:37 UTC 2018


On 08/30/2018 04:28 PM, Honza Pokorny wrote:
> Hello!
> Over the last few months, it seems that tripleo-quickstart has evolved
> into a CI tool.  It's primarily used by computers, and not humans.
> tripleo-quickstart is a helpful set of ansible playbooks, and a
> collection of feature sets.  However, it's become less useful for
> setting up development environments by humans.  For example, devmode.sh
> was recently deprecated without a user-friendly replacement. Moreover,
> during some informal irc conversations in #oooq, some developers even
> mentioned the plan to merge tripleo-quickstart and tripleo-ci.
> I think it would be beneficial to create a set of defaults for
> tripleo-quickstart that can be used to spin up new environments; a set
> of defaults for humans.  This can either be a well-maintained script in
> tripleo-quickstart itself, or a brand new project, e.g.
> tripleo-quickstart-humans.  The number of settings, knobs, and flags
> should be kept to a minimum.
> This would accomplish two goals:
> 1.  It would bring uniformity to the team.  Each environment is
>     installed the same way.  When something goes wrong, we can
>     eliminate differences in setup when debugging.  This should save a
>     lot of time.
> 2.  Quicker and more reliable environment setup.  If the set of defaults
>     is used by many people, it should container fewer bugs because more
>     people using something should translate into more bug reports, and
>     more bug fixes.
> These thoughts are coming from the context of tripleo-ui development.  I
> need an environment in order to develop, but I don't necessarily always
> care about how it's installed.  I want something that works for most
> scenarios.
> What do you think?  Does this make sense?  Does something like this
> already exist?
I'm agree with the fact that quickstart has turned into a CI tool, more
than a human tool.
I still use quickstart to deploy and work on TripleO but I feel a bit
lost when I have to grep into the config/ dirctory to see which
featureset match to my needs and, if not, try to tweak the config and
pray that the tweaked options will work as expected.

I also discovered the ci reproducer script recently. The script probably
need to be a bit more robust, but it's a real gain when you have to
reproduce CI environments.

I think a first less effort for now would be to bring a set of
Quickstart commands and "human readable config files" to improve the

> Thanks for listening!
> Honza
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