[openstack-dev] Ironic integration CI jobs

Julia Kreger juliaashleykreger at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 00:36:09 UTC 2018

With the discussion of CI jobs and the fact that I have been finding myself
checking job status several times a day so early in the cycle, I think it
is time for ironic to revisit many of our CI jobs.

The bottom line is ironic is very resource intensive to test. A lot of that
is because of the underlying way we enroll/manage nodes and then execute
the integration scenarios emulating bare metal. I think we can improve that
with some ansible.

In the mean time I created a quick chart[1] to try and make sense out
overall integration coverage and I think it makes sense to remove three of
the jobs.

ironic-tempest-dsvm-ipa-wholedisk-agent_ipmitool-tinyipa-multinode - This
job is essentially the same as our grenade mutlinode job, the only
difference being grenade.
ironic-tempest-dsvm-ipa-wholedisk-bios-agent_ipmitool-tinyipa - This job
essentially just duplicates the functionality already covered in other
jobs, including the grenade job.
ironic-tempest-dsvm-bfv - This presently non-voting job validates that the
iPXE mode of the 'pxe' boot interface supports boot from volume. It was
superseded by ironic-tempest-dsvm-ipxe-bfv which focuses on the use of the
'ipxe' boot interface. The underlying code is all the same deep down in all
of the helper methods.

I'll go ahead and put this up as a topic for our weekly meeting next week
so we can discuss.



[1]: https://ethercalc.openstack.org/ces0z3xjb1ir
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