[openstack-dev] [nova][limits] Does ANYONE at all use the quota class functionality in Nova?

Kevin L. Mitchell klmitch at mit.edu
Thu Oct 25 02:35:08 UTC 2018

> On 10/24/18 10:10, Jay Pipes wrote:
> > Nova's API has the ability to create "quota classes", which are
> > basically limits for a set of resource types. There is something called
> > the "default quota class" which corresponds to the limits in the
> > CONF.quota section. Quota classes are basically templates of limits to
> > be applied if the calling project doesn't have any stored
> > project-specific limits.

For the record, my original concept in creating quota classes is that
you'd be able to set quotas per tier of user and easily be able to move
users from one tier to another.  This was just a neat idea I had, and
AFAIK, Rackspace never used it, so you can call it YAGNI as far as I'm
concerned :)

> > Has anyone ever created a quota class that is different from "default"?
> > 
> > I'd like to propose deprecating this API and getting rid of this
> > functionality since it conflicts with the new Keystone /limits endpoint,
> > is highly coupled with RAX's turnstile middleware 

I didn't intend it to be highly coupled, but it's been a while since I
wrote it, and of course I've matured as a developer since then, so
*shrug*.  I also don't think Rackspace has ever used turnstile.

> > and I can't seem to
> > find anyone who has ever used it. Deprecating this API and functionality
> > would make the transition to a saner quota management system much easier
> > and straightforward.

I'm fine with that plan, speaking as the original developer; as I say,
I don't think Rackspace ever utilized the functionality anyway, and if
no one else pipes up saying that they're using it, I'd be all over
deprecating the quota classes in favor of the new hotness.
Kevin L. Mitchell <klmitch at mit.edu>
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