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Mon Oct 15 14:07:09 UTC 2018

On Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 8:52 AM Ed Leafe <ed at leafe.com> wrote:

> On Oct 15, 2018, at 7:40 AM, Chris Dent <cdent+os at anticdent.org> wrote:
> >
> > I'd like some input from the community on how we'd like this to go.
> I would say it depends on the long-term plans for paste. Are we planning
> on weaning ourselves off of paste, and simply need to maintain it until
> that can be completed, or are we planning on encouraging its use?
Keystone started doing this last release and we're just finishing it up
now. The removal of keystone's v2.0 API and our hand-rolled API dispatching
ended up being the perfect storm for us to say "let's just remove paste
entirely and migrate to something supported".

It helped that we stacked a couple of long-standing work items behind the
paste removal, but it was a ton of work [0]. I think Morgan was going to
put together a summary of how we approached the removal. If the long-term
goal is to help projects move away from Paste, then we can try and share
some of the knowledge we have.

[0] https://twitter.com/MdrnStm/status/1050519620724056065

> -- Ed Leafe
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