[openstack-dev] [oslo][taskflow] Thoughts on moving taskflow out of openstack/oslo

Greg Hill gnhill at liquidweb.com
Wed Oct 10 17:41:41 UTC 2018

I've been out of the openstack loop for a few years, so I hope this reaches
the right folks.

Josh Harlow (original author of taskflow and related libraries) and I have
been discussing the option of moving taskflow out of the openstack umbrella
recently. This move would likely also include the futurist and automaton
libraries that are primarily used by taskflow. The idea would be to just
host them on github and use the regular Github features for Issues, PRs,
wiki, etc, in the hopes that this would spur more development. Taskflow
hasn't had any substantial contributions in several years and it doesn't
really seem that the current openstack devs have a vested interest in
moving it forward. I would like to move it forward, but I don't have an
interest in being bound by the openstack workflow (this is why the project
stagnated as core reviewers were pulled on to other projects and couldn't
keep up with the review backlog, so contributions ground to a halt).

I guess I'm putting it forward to the larger community. Does anyone have
any objections to us doing this? Are there any non-obvious technicalities
that might make such a transition difficult? Who would need to be made
aware so they could adjust their own workflows?

Or would it be preferable to just fork and rename the project so openstack
can continue to use the current taskflow version without worry of us
breaking features?

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