[openstack-dev] [cinder] [nova] Do we need a "force" parameter in cinder "re-image" API?

Yikun Jiang yikunkero at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 07:09:36 UTC 2018

In Denver, we agree to add a new "re-image" API in cinder to support upport
volume-backed server rebuild with a new image.

An initial blueprint has been drafted in [3], welcome to review it, thanks.
: )

The API is very simple, something like:


  POST /v3/{project_id}/volumes/{volume_id}/action

Request body:

      'os-reimage': {
          'image_id': "71543ced-a8af-45b6-a5c4-a46282108a90"

The question is do we need a "force" parameter in request body? like:
      'os-reimage': {
          'image_id': "71543ced-a8af-45b6-a5c4-a46282108a90",
*          'force': True*

The "force" parameter idea comes from [4], means that
1. we can re-image an "available" volume directly.
2. we can't re-image "in-use"/"reserved" volume directly.
3. we can only re-image an "in-use"/"reserved" volume with "force"

And it means nova need to always call re-image API with an extra "force"
because the volume status is "in-use" or "reserve" when we rebuild the

*So, what's you idea? Do we really want to add this "force" parameter?*

[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/nova-ptg-stein L483
[2] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-ptg-stein-thursday-rebuild L12
[3] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/605317

Jiang Yikun(Kero)
Mail: yikunkero at gmail.com
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