[openstack-dev] [glance] Glance API Caching Enhancements for Edge Computing

Waines, Greg Greg.Waines at windriver.com
Wed Oct 3 19:03:06 UTC 2018

Glance Team,

I am following up on discussions in the edge-computing PTG meetings.
There were discussions on potential enhancements to Glance API Caching for support of the proposed MVP Edge Architecture.
And I took the action to write up a blueprint and a specification for these enhancements ... and will follow up with implementation.

I thought I’d start the discussions on the mailing list ... and if everyone is still in agreement,
then I’ll move the high-level definition/requirements to Glance’s Launchpad (or Storyboard?) and
write up a Glance spec and review it in Gerrit.


Enhance Glance API Caching such that

a)       It works between two Glance Services (i.e. Glance at a Central OpenStack Cloud and Glance at an Edge OpenStack Cloud)

·         i.e. current Glance API Caching only works with external webservers

b)       Enable the Edge Cloud Glance API Caching to support the ability to locally use those cached images (e.g. nova boot ...)
even when network connectivity is lost to the Central Cloud Glance Service

·         i.e. image meta-data is required in order to service a ‘nova boot ...’, and
       today image meta-data is NOT cached by Glance API Caching.

The proposed solution should generically work between any two Glance Services.

·         in a Multi-Region Environment,

·         in a StarlingX Distributed Cloud,

·         etc.

The proposed solution need only deal with the Edge Cloud Glance talking to a single Central Cloud Glance.

Let me know if you have any a questions or comments,

More info on the edge-computing group’s MVP Edge Architecture can be found here:
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