[openstack-dev] [StarlingX] StarlingX code followup discussions

Dean Troyer dtroyer at gmail.com
Tue May 22 18:54:59 UTC 2018

StarlingX (aka STX) was announced this week at the summit, there is a
PR to create project repos in Gerrit at [0]. STX is basically Wind
River's Titanium Cloud product, which is a turn-key cloud deployment.
For background I have started putting notes, some faq-ish questions
and references to blog-ish materials in [1].

The alternatives I have thought of or have been suggested so far all
seem to be worse in some way.  The major objections I have heard are
around the precedent and messaging of the existence of OpenStack
project forks, independent of the form they take[2].  There is a
secondary concern about OpenStack Foundation hosting fork of other
outside projects.

At this point I am planning to change the review[0] to only add the
repos for the new sub-projects so we can continue getting things set
up while the discussions continue on how best to handle the upstream
work.  I want to continue those discussions wherever they will be
productive, respond here or find me at the summit.  IRC discussion has
been in #openstack-tc so far.

More background

The set of STX repos include a number of patches to upstream projects,
most of which are intended to be proposed upstream.  The patches
include features specific to Titanium's use cases and bug fixes as
well as some bits that may or may not be useful in other use cases.
The intention is to reduce this technical debt to zero; there were a
handful of repos where the patch count was reduced to zero that we
were able to eliminate in the transition to StarlingX.  This is the
goal for all of the remaining upstream repos.

I chose to maintain the status of the Titanium upstream work as git
repos for developer and testing convenience, as opposed to publishing
patch file sets. Developers will need to re-create a repo locally in
order to work or test the code and create reviews (there are more git
challenges here). It would be challenging to do functional testing on
the rest of STX in CI without access to all of the code.


[0] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/569562/
[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/stx-faq
[2] Honestly I don't think that hosting a repo of patches to OpenStack
projects is any different than hosting the repo itself.  Also, anyone
remember Qmail? :)


Dean Troyer
dtroyer at gmail.com

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