[openstack-dev] [all] Topics for the Board+TC+UC meeting in Vancouver

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Mon May 14 09:34:17 UTC 2018

Fox, Kevin M wrote:
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> Part of the disconnect to me has been that these questions have been left up to the projects by and large. But, users don't use the projects. Users use OpenStack. Or, moving forward, they at least use a Constellation. But Constellation is still just a documentation construct. Not really a first class entity.
> Currently the isolation between the Projects and the thing that the users use, the Constellation allows for user needs to easily slip through the cracks. Cause "Project X: we agree that is a problem, but its Y projects problem. Project Y: we agree that is a problem, but its X projects problem." No, seriously, its OpenStacks problem. Most of the major issues I've hit in my many years of using OpenStack were in that category. And there wasn't a good forum for addressing them.
> A related effect of the isolation is also that the projects don't work on the commons nor look around too much what others are doing. Either within OpenStack or outside. They solve problems at the project level and say, look, I've solved it, but don't look at what happens when all the projects do that independently and push more work to the users. The end result of this lack of Leadership is more work for the users compared to competitors.
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Slicing development along component lines ("project teams") was a useful 
construct to absorb all the energy that was sent to OpenStack between 
2011 and 2016. But at our current stage (less resources, more users) I 
agree that that structure is no longer optimal.

I think we need to start thinking about ways to de-emphasize project 
teams (organizing work around code boundaries) and organize work around 
goals instead (across code boundaries). A bit like work in Kubernetes is 
tracked at SIG level, beyond code ownership. It's not an easy change, 
with project teams being so integral to our culture, but it is something 
we should start looking into.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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