[openstack-dev] [qa][tempest-plugins][release][tc][ptl]: Coordinated Release Model proposal for Tempest & Tempest Plugins

Luigi Toscano ltoscano at redhat.com
Tue Jun 26 09:28:03 UTC 2018

On Tuesday, 26 June 2018 11:18:52 CEST Ghanshyam Mann wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> In Queens cycle,  community goal to split the Tempest Plugin has been
> completed [1] and i think almost all the projects have separate repo for
> tempest plugin [2]. Which means each tempest plugins are being separated
> from their project release model.  Few projects have started the
> independent release model for their plugins like kuryr-tempest-plugin,
> ironic-tempest-plugin etc [3].  I think neutron-tempest-plugin also
> planning as chatted with amotoki.
> There might be some changes in Tempest which might not work with older
> version of Tempest Plugins.  For example, If I am testing any production
> cloud which has Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Keystone , Aodh, Congress etc  i
> will be using Tempest and Aodh's , Congress's Tempest plugins. With
> Independent release model of each Tempest Plugins, there might be chance
> that the Aodh's or Congress's Tempest plugin versions are not compatible
> with latest/known Tempest versions. It will become hard to find the
> compatible tag/release of Tempest and Tempest Plugins or in some cases i
> might need to patch up the things.
> During QA feedback sessions at Vancouver Summit, there was feedback to
> coordinating the release of all Tempest plugins and Tempest [4] (also
> amotoki talked to me on this as neutron-tempest-plugin is planning their
> first release). Idea is to release/tag all the Tempest plugins and Tempest
> together so that specific release/tag can be identified as compatible
> version of all the Plugins and Tempest for testing the complete stack. That
> way user can get to know what version of Tempest Plugins is compatible with
> what version of Tempest.
> For above use case, we need some coordinated release model among Tempest and
> all the Tempest Plugins. There should be single release of all Tempest
> Plugins with well defined tag whenever any Tempest release is happening. 
> For Example, Tempest version 19.0.0 is to mark the "support of the Rocky
> release". When releasing the Tempest 19.0, we will release all the Tempest
> plugins also to tag the compatibility of plugins with Tempest for "support
> of the Rocky release".
> One way to make this coordinated release (just a initial thought):
> 1. Release Each Tempest Plugins whenever there is any major version release
> of Tempest (like marking the support of OpenStack release in Tempest, EOL
> of OpenStack release in Tempest) 1.1 Each plugin or Tempest can do their
> intermediate release of minor version change which are in backward
> compatible way. 1.2 This coordinated Release can be started from latest
> Tempest Version for simple reading.  Like if we start this coordinated
> release from Tempest version 19.0.0 then, each plugins will be released as
> 19.0.0 and so on.
> Giving the above background and use case of this coordinated release,
> A) I would like to ask each plugins owner if you are agree on this
> coordinated release?  If no, please give more feedback or issue we can face
> due to this coordinated release.

The Sahara PTL may disagree with me, but I disagree with forcing each team to 
release in a coordinate model.

I already take care of releasing sahara-tests, which contains both the tempest 
plugin and the scenario tests, when a new major version of OpenStack is 
released, keeping the compatibility with the relevant versions of Tempest.

tl;dr I agree with having Tempest plugins follow the same lifecycle of 
Tempest, but please allow me to do so manually.


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