[openstack-dev] [all][infra] Automatically generated Zuul changes (topic: zuulv3-projects)

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Wed Jan 31 17:59:42 UTC 2018


Occasionally we will make changes to the Zuul configuration language.
Usually these changes will be backwards compatible, but whether they are
or not, we still want to move things forward.

Because Zuul's configuration is now spread across many repositories, it
may take many changes to do this.  I'm in the process of making one such
change now.

Zuul no longer requires the project name in the "project:" stanza for
in-repo configuration.  Removing it makes it easier to fork or rename a

I am using a script to create and upload these changes.  Because changes
to Zuul's configuration use more resources, I, and the rest of the infra
team, are carefully monitoring this and pacing changes so as not to
overwhelm the system.  This is a limitation we'd like to address in the
future, but we have to live with now.

So if you see such a change to your project (the topic will be
"zuulv3-projects"), please observe the following:

* Go ahead and approve it as soon as possible.

* Don't be strict about backported change ids.  These changes are only
  to Zuul config files, the stable backport policy was not intended to
  apply to things like this.

* Don't create your own versions of these changes.  My script will
  eventually upload changes to all affected project-branches.  It's
  intentionally a slow process, and attempting to speed it up won't
  help.  But if there's something wrong with the change I propose, feel
  free to push an update to correct it.



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