[openstack-dev] [kolla] Policy regarding template customisation

Paul Bourke paul.bourke at oracle.com
Tue Jan 30 13:02:41 UTC 2018

On 30/01/18 12:54, Simon Leinen wrote:
> The perceived downside of (2) - or a perceived advantage of (1) - is
> that in an ideal world, (1) isolates us from the arcane configuration
> file details that the crazy devs of individual services come up with.
> In practice, it turns out that (a) those files aren't rocket science (b)
> as an operator you need to understand them anyway,

Thanks very much for taking the time to provide input Simon, it's very 
valuable. I think you sum it up well, definitely approach (1) is easier 
to newcomers who want to get up and going quickly without having to read 
too much into the files they're customising. In reality anyone going 
beyond a demo environment will need to do so.

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