[openstack-dev] [openstack-ansible] Limiting pip wheel builds for OpenStack clients

Major Hayden major at mhtx.net
Wed Jan 24 20:03:20 UTC 2018

Hey there,

I was spelunking into the slow wheel build problems we've been seeing in CentOS and I found that our wheel build process was spending 4-6 minutes building cassandra-driver. The wheel build process usually takes 8-12 minutes, so half the time is being spent there.

More digging revealed that cassandra-driver is a dependency of python-monascaclient, which is a dependency of heat. The requirements.txt for heat drags in all of the clients:


We're already doing selective wheel builds and building only the wheels and venvs we need for the OpenStack services which are selected for deployment. Would it make sense to reduce the OpenStack client list for heat during the wheel/venv build? For example, if we're not deploying monasca, should we build/venv the python-monascaclient package (and its dependencies)?

I've opened a bug:


Major Hayden

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