[openstack-dev] [masakari] Change service-type from "ha" to "instance-ha"

Bhor, Dinesh Dinesh.Bhor at nttdata.com
Tue Jan 23 07:56:14 UTC 2018

Hi Masakari team,

Below are the patches up for review to change the masakari service-type from “ha” to “instance-ha”:

openstack/python-masakariclient :


openstack/masakari-monitors :


openstack/masakari :


openstack/service-types-authority :


We should go with below order to fix this issue:

  1.  Merge the python-masakariclient patch.
  2.  Release newer version of python-masakariclient library.
  3.  Bump the newer version of python-masakariclient to global-requirements.
     *   The requirements freeze is near (coming Friday at 23:59:59 UTC)
        *   http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2018-January/126475.html
  4.  Bot job will propose a patch in masakari-monitors to update the python-masakariclient version.
  5.  Merge the bot job proposed patch.
  6.  Merge the masakari-monitors service-type patch.
  7.  Merge the masakari service-type patch.
  8.  Merge openstack/service-types-authority patch with updated service-type “instance-ha”.

Please help to merge these patches asap.

Thank you,

Dinesh Bhor

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