[openstack-dev] [cinder] [nova] [db] Questions about metadata update concurrently

Yikun Jiang yikunkero at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 03:10:36 UTC 2018

Hey all,
   Recently we found an issue again, related to our nova
metadata/system_metadata update.
   This bug already track in this link: https://bugs.launchpad.
net/nova/+bug/1650188 .

   1. For metadata update.
   As we know, the current mechism of metdata as below sequence diagram.
[image: 内嵌图片 1]
   Step [1]: We get instance object(include metadata) in API, we call this
object as *metadata(A)*

   Step [2]: Update metadata object using metadata(A), and we plus the
increacement change.

   Step [3]: When instance.save, we get instance *metadata(B)* in DB

   Step [4]: flush change in db: *metadata(A) + increacement - metadata(B)*

   As note on diagram:
  In normal case: if metadata(A) == metadata(B), there is no impact on

  However, in concurrent case: we udpate metadata concurrently, metadata(A)
!= metadata(B) in some case,
  because we perhaps already change the metadata between API  step [1] and
step [3] DB, we will lose these changes.

  some discussions in bug link, the ETAG, generation ID and CAS are
mentioned in our discussion.
  *1. ETAG*: the way to avoid API race condition, if check etag failed will
give back a 409 confict. see:

  *2. Generation ID:* like resource provider done. see:

  but it seems we should add this filed the instance object?

 * 3. CAS: *do some pre condition check when we write the record in db. see
instance done:

2. For system_metadata update.
  it has same problem with metadata update,
  but the difference is the "first get" stuff doesn't happen in API, maybe
in compute or virt driver.
  That is, the ETAG, the way to avoid API race condition, is not suitable
for system_metadata.

Any idea on this issue, pls feel free to append your comments, we need your
advice and help.

Jiang Yikun(Kero)
Mail: yikunkero at gmail.com
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