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Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Fri Jan 19 11:04:19 UTC 2018

Matthew Thode wrote:
> On 18-01-18 11:20:21, Thierry Carrez wrote:
>> [...]
>> You'll also notice that some teams (in orange below the table in above
>> link) do not have pre-allocated slots. One key difference this time
>> around is that we set aside a larger number of rooms and meeting spots
>> for dynamically scheduling tracks. The idea is to avoid pre-allocating
>> smaller tracks to a specific time slot that might or might not create
>> conflicts, and let that team book a space at a time that makes the most
>> sense for them, while the event happens. This dynamic booking will be
>> done through the PTGbot.
>> So the unscheduled teams (in orange) are expected to take advantage of
>> this flexibility and schedule themselves during the event. This
>> flexibility is not limited to those orange teams: other teams may want
>> to meet for more than their pre-allocated time slots, and can book extra
>> space as well. For example if you are on the First Contact SIG and
>> realize on Tuesday afternoon that you would like to continue the
>> discussions on Friday morning, it's easy to extend your track to a time
>> slot there.
>> [...]
> As one of the teams in orange, what specific steps, if any, do we need to
> take to schedule a specific time/place for a meeting?

Two options.

If you already know for sure that you want to meet at a specific time on
Monday, Tuesday or Friday, we can pre-allocate you a slot.

Or you can come to the event, see who from the team is around, discuss
what their schedule looks like and decide when/where would make the most
sense to meet. Then you look at the list of bookable rooms and time
slots and pick the one you prefer. Tracks scheduled that way will appear
on the PTGbot together with pre-allocated tracks.

To book a slot, you will use the new PTGbot 'book' command. See:

Given how difficult it is to predict conflicts, my advice would be to
use the latter option and decide on the spot.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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